I'll be alone in a few days from now, but I know that this is my own choice. Not exactly my own choice actually, but behind all of this, it's too confidential to jot down here, so it's better for me not to explain the reason why..

The thing I'm talking about is that in a few days, almost all of my friends (about 95% of them, I think) are going back to their hometown for this June holiday. And I, unfortunately, am one of the 5% who are not. So sad, isn't it?? Yeah, deep down in my heart, of course I do feel like that, but as I'm used to be separated with my family(and home) for that I've experienced one when I was in Sec 1 (I lived with my Uncle’s family in Jakarta and my parents live in Surabaya), this doesn't really matter to me. In fact, a bit of me feel relieved that I can experience to stay in Singapore during the June holiday (although it means that I will meet my family only in November holiday later, then).

Wanna know why? I won't tell this time. Again, it's too confidential to jot down, and only my parents and myself who have known the reason behind it.

Enough of this. I shall stop here. For that thou art not supposed to know...

Well, well, well..... Don't use such a beautiful English, lah.


Mon Livre De Rapport...............!!

Waaaa................ Ancur!!! I juz received my report book yesterday, and guess what, as I've been expected since I received all my Paper results last Thurzday, I've got very very lousy marks...
Especially for my Biology paper, which I expected to pass. Now I have to eat the fact that I failed my Chemistry.... and of course, my Bio too... I got an F9 for it!!

For you who haven't seen what a Singapore report book looks like, or an ACS(I) report book in particular, here is the student's profile:

since I haven't put my term 1 report, now I'll include it

and here it is.... My mid-year report:

See?? Very lousy, isn't it? For your information, in Singapore the report book does not put the average marks of the tests, assignments, and homeworks as Indonesia does. Therefore, the marks you can see above are merely my exam paper marks.

But its OK. I just wish I can do better for next term.

PS: If u wanna know my actual marks, juz gimme your e-mail.


High Table Dinner

Today we boarders in ACS(I) just got a High Table Dinner event in our boarding school, and for you who dunno what the hell is that, High Table Dinner is just a special occasion in which we boarders are ought to wear formal western clothes, and in here we are supposed to use table manner in our dinner. Here is the photo taken: David Raj, Terrence, Alex, Woon Hann, and me

in photo above, my smile looks sucks, since I wasn't really prepared for my picture with my friends to be taken. Here is a better photo. The third guy from left is Nguyen Phi Long..

Both pics above are taken before the dinner starts, and the dinner itself looks like this

Some of the boarders became the waiters, or in a more polite term, server. For example, my friend Evan:

Oya, forgot to include, the appetizer was chicken salad, and ini mah cuman foto iseng aja, so dun laugh, OK?

This pic then was taken after the dinner finished. The first guy from right is Stanford and the third is Buana

Dun laugh, I may show an ugly smile again by that time..
And the last photo taken was a photo of Hall 1 Boarders



The Physics exam was a bit hard, but I’m sure that I’ll pass this subject anyway. It was much easier than the Chemistry exam yesterday.

Let’s c… What about the English Lit? Hm…. Both passages given for the exam consisted of Unseen Prose for the first question and Set Text for the other. I refer set text to that “The English Teacher” book, which I hardly conveyed the meaning out of it. I got only 7 marks upon 25 on my last assignment based on that book.. It may seem very lousy to you, but remember…. That I have just lived in Singapore for less than 7 months! Well, actually this is not a good excuse anyway. I admit it. Most of my friends, whose English are weaker than me, can get more marks than mine. Then I asked to myself, “what’s wrong with me??!!!” As I compared my Lit assignment with theirs, I found out that comments such as “Read the question!” or “superficial reading” could be found more in mine than in theirs. By that discovery, I got frustrated as I had spent a lot of time on the effort of extracting the meaning out of the passage, but the result itself (the mark) was not equal to my effort. What’s wrong with me? Don’t say that I’m stupid. I’m a scholar, remember? I just need more time to adapt this subject.

The English Lit exam was not really difficult anyway. In fact, I’m quite confident about this exam, I think I’ll get B3 or C4 (which mark is about 55-65). Hopefully this will come true, but my experiences told me that I have just done well for English Lit works only once…



Finished Chemistry exam today, guess I'll fail this subject. For the section B I answered almost nothing, that's how I'd say more or less...

Well, tomorrow's exams are Physics and English Literature, the most difficult combination of exams this far.. English Lit is the most difficult of all Humanities subjects, and Physics is the most difficult of Science...


A-Math and Geography Exams

A-Math was supposed to be easy for me -a scholar- but it wasn't I think I skipped a lot of questions and it made me lose a lot of marks too.

The Geography test... Actually, I'd say that it's quite easy, although I didn't know the answer for 30% of the Paper. And it made me to write bullshit(s), bcoz high marks in Geog Elective can only be obtained by a good writings, right?? Therefore, we can conclude that Humanities subjects such as Social Studies, Geog Elective, and English Lit which require pages to answer the questions only needs a good skill in using your imagination. Yes, I emphasize this: imagination. I said this bcoz no matter how hard you tried to memorize the subject, most of the time you'll fail it anyway, unless I have a good imagination. Do you agree???


Exam? English Compre and E-Math

The English Paper 2 which is Compre was, in fact, the easiest among all the exams I've gone through.. I'm not boasting, but juz this is merely a comparison. I'm not good in English.

The E-Math..... How unfortunate, now I know that have lost 5 marks upon 50!! I couldn't answer the 2nd last question, and now the highest possible mark I can reach is 90%. I know I might not get a1, and I'm not even sure whether I'll pass this E-Math. Hopefully... Pass!! It's such a shameful thing to me that I'm not really good in Maths when I want to be a "Japanese". Heheh, sorry for bringing this topic again. This is juz my own thoughts, you may stop reading in this part if you want to.

Yeah... The quality of a Japanese are: Neat, Discipline, and good in Maths & Science. I have the second quality, some of the first, but a very little amount of the third.

Understand what do I mean? I'm very very tidy in all my businesses, whether it's my room, my belongings, or my appearance (This one, I don't lie). About my disciplinary..... Hm.. Not very good. I'm not too discipline about timings, but it doesn't mean that I'm an always-late-person. In fact, most of the time I always punctual(for, such as: school, appointment). If I'm not punctual, then it means that I come earlier. Like that.

About the third one.... Well, my marks on Science are moderate, but my Math doesn't. I'm juz weak at Maths, I dunno why. So, for the resolution, I promised to myself that during the coming June Holiday (which commences at -if I'm not wrong- 28 May), I'll study hard everyday to improve my Maths.

Can I do it? Let me see later.


Finished the Malay exams

Today there were juz MT(Mother Tounge) exams: Listening Compre, Paper 1(Compo), and Paper 2. Finally, I've finished all... Leganya!!

There are only 3 non-English subjects which are taught in Singaporean schools: Chinese, Malay, and Tamil. The students are allowed to have their own MT languages according to their main languages (other than English, which is mainly spoken in their home). Well, I'm not a Japanese, and I don't speak Japanese at home either, but I do hope that I really can have Japanese subject to study at school.. Unfortunately, the only classes which are taught Japanese are the Pre-IB classes, with their special programmes.

Actually, I've read in a booklet given by the MoE (Ministry of Education) that in JC (Junior College, it means Hi-School in AmEnglish), students can have the Japanese subject. It may not be for me, though. I'm not willing to continue my education in Singapore, except if the MoE guys decide to continue the scholarship programme for me. I only got this scholarship until December 2006 (that's the time when I'm going to finish my O-Level here), and if the MoE don't continue, probably I'm going to US, then. I had phoned my parents in Indonesia to consider the possibility for me to study in the US, and they said that it's possible! ^_^

Study anywhere, it's OK... (As long as it's not Indonesia!! I dun wanna go back schooling in Indon!)Study in Singapore also OK. But not to live in Singapore, bcoz Singapore is too small to say as a country, don't you think? Hahaha.... (Sorry, if you reader are a Singaporean!)


Damn exam.

Those two damn exams today, which are English Compo and Social Studies, finally finished!!! Hahaha.... ^o^ I'm very happy! I'm a bit plong now, bcoz in my opinion, SS is one of the most difficult exams. You might like it if you have advantage in English. You've got to write long essays and interpret meaning of sources for 3-4 pages in only 90 minutes...

The English Compo I've done today probably is the worst compo I've written. I was nervous by that time, bcoz it was the first Paper, and among the topics which were given as options, none of them include the type of writing I like, which are Narrative and descriptive writing (imaginative ones). But I've chosen an argumentative writing instead. For your information, I've never written any argumentative writings, so I was not really sure about the structure I've used. Due to that, all of my compositions got lousy(Even section B one, which is a situational report). The grammar was lousy, the structures were scrabbled... Ugh. Now I even think that my English is much better when I'm typing tis Blog rather than writing that Compo.

For my SS, it was not as difficult as I thought. In fact, it was quite easy!! The SBQ which did not hav any connection with the textbook materials have been given a page of Background Info, and the SEQ was very easy!! The only thing is that I haven't got enough time to finish it... I only haven't finish the last question of SBQ, which has 7 marks, so now I lost 7 marks out of 50 already....


Distressed of the first two exams

Tomorrow I hav Social Studies.... And I haven't even been able to answer a Source-Based Type of Question... God, Help me!!! Plz pray for my exam tomorrow, OK? Ugh... I'm distressed already


幸せな金週!! (Happy Golden Week!!)

Sorry for not Blogging for a long time, bcoz now lately I juz concerned about improving the templates of this blogsite and… see? Know it looks much better than before. Especially that Blogroll stuff, I’d like to thank for providing the Blog users to list their favourite links on their own Blogs.

Hm… I want to say this:

HAPPY GOLDEN WEEK to Japan!!! For all of you who don’t know, the Golden Week is the only public holiday when Japanese (especially school students) have their holiday for a week. If I’m not wrong, it commences on 29th of April and ends on 5th of May(子供の日, "Kodomo no Hi" which means Children’s Day). After the holiday ends, the new class of school starts.

Well, you know, while you Japanese are having fun with your holiday, now I'm stressed with my coming mid-year exams which commences juz a day after 子供の日. It's on 5 月6 日 until 5 月17日(5th of May until 17th of May). So probably I won't be able to blog during those days. And maybe today is the last time I go online. So sad.... Hikz.. Hikz...

Haha... Dun worry. I'll be back on 18th of May. Ok? Bubye then.. C'ya two weeks from now.....


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