List of websites for my daily French language digest

As I have vowed earlier this year that I want to minimize reading English online as much as possible, I limit myself to reading news articles in French, Japanese, or Malay only.

The links will be divided into two sections: those that have English language versions, and those that do not.

The ones that have English language versions are as follows:
The ones without English version:
* asterisk = most amazing blogs

For grammar help, I use these:
These are the links I have for now. I will update as soon as I find more to post.


List of websites to help with learning Japanese

Here are several websites I am now using to help me learn Japanese.

Reading materials using Furigana are as follows:

Reading materials with Furigana that allow listening too:
Reading materials without Furigana but has English translations:
Listening materials:
Reading materials (full Japanese, no Furigana):

Reading materials (English only):

Reading materials (French only):

Nonstop live-streaming in 100% Japanese:
  • QVC channel  - telemarketing channel (somewhat boring but Japanese is easier)
  • Weather News - harder Japanese, but repetitive of weather talk reinforces vocabulary


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