Request to Drop Biology

About a week ago, I decided to drop Biology, the only sch subject which I've never passed. My highest score ever for the Bio exam is only 37%, can you imagine that?? Thus, you can see the extract of the "resignation" letter I'vegiven to Mrs Tay Suat Kuan, my (now, former) Bio Teacher, with fabricating some pretexts and lies, so that my letter will look in a concrete form:

After a semester of studying Biology, I found it was difficult for me to score well in this subject. After deep consideration and defeating the slight hesitation within myself to do otherwise, I have decided to drop this subject. I will elaborate on several reasons why I do think so.

First of all, my language ability is not as good as others. Thus, I have a language problem. I am not good in applying biological theories into trivial matters which are questioned in the test structured questions, and although I had studied harder than others, I always scored lower than they did. In term 1, I scored 30% which is F9, much lower than my classmates who needed merely a night to study while I definitely studied longer than that. In the second term, I my grade only improve into 38% (but still F9 as well). As information, I prepared days of practising Biology for the Middle Year Examination, but still, my grade is not equal to the effort I had devoted. Moreover, my Biology scores were always one of the lowest ones in class. I know if I keep studying this, I am afraid I will not pass the Final Year Examination and will have to attend the Concentration Camp in December.

Then, I also need to improve other subjects as well, especially Science subjects and Maths. Thus, if I try to concentrate at something which I am not good at, I am afraid it will affect my grades on other subjects as well; as I have to study them all besides Biology.

Last, I found no interest in Biology at all. For me personally, I do not like reciting for that is my weakest part. Sometimes I need to recite every concept and read notes and textbooks everyday. Therefore, it is hard for me to study something that I am neither good nor interested at.

All of these are my decisions.

Yours truly,

Toshihiko Atsuyama

Student of Class 3.7 Daniel



I finished my listening Compre for higher Malay today, and it was juz damn easy thingies and stuffs.

Lately, I’ve been crazy over Wikipedia. No, Wikipedia is not a name of a girl, but (as most intelligent ppl know) it’s an encyclopaedia. I’ve found this website about a week ago, and all that I’ve done over this whole week is just downloading a lot of its interesting articles. Their articles range over hundreds of thousands, and it includes all sections of whole knowledge. Well….. Wait a minute. Dun start thinking that I’m a nerd or some kind of guy like that…. Bcoz I’m NOT. This “Wikipedia thingies” is actually used for my own interest, and to make me amusing in front of other ppl as well. Here, I’ll tell you a secret. Deep down in my heart, I have a strong desire so that I can be looked as an intelligent person in front of other ppl. Well, I did look intelligent when I was in Bali, but since I came to Singapore……. Not anymore. In my current school, ppl tend to regard me as a normal boy, and none of them see me as a smart one. I really wanna change that. So, the solution is to devour as many articles in encyclopaedia as possible. Just imagine: Won’t it be amazing if I can have a conversation with a teacher about English Renaissance or Neoclassicism? What about if I say a quotation of love by Plato in front of a girl? Cool, right??


Freedom of Expression

Lately, something bad has happened in my school. I mean it. Really, really bad. You know, that about a month ago a scholar in my school has had his scholarship terminated. Yes, terminated. I don’t know him personally, but his I feel pity for him. That may be the worst nightmare that every scholar here might ever have, and I do hope that I’ll never come to the point where my grades are critical that it can make the MoE of Singapore starts to think that I’m not capable of continuing my studies until the end of my Secondary school. It means that you’ve wasted your time (and money) for more than a year in a place where you don’t even get your graduation certificate!! This is really really… Ugh. The MoE is up to something. I just know it. From what most of my friends have said, I have a big picture about what the MoE is up to......... I won’t mention any of them here, bcoz any Singaporeans who read my blog might sue me for doing that. Or even worse: get my scholarship terminated. Hahaha… I know they can’t do that, as long as I have no words that I use against them. That’s why it’s too dangerous to mention those things.

I’m getting to a different topic now. As I’ve read in The Strait Times, that two Singaporean bloggers who had their studies overseas in a scholarship program were threatened by the possibility of getting their scholarship terminated bcoz of their racist comments in their Blogs. Not something for the public to outcry to, though. I read some of the readers’ comments in the same newspaper which mostly said that their scholarship should be terminated. Do you know what do I think about those things? Those readers are dumb. Yes, dumb. It doesn’t mean that I personally support racism. Of course I'm against racism. But the thing is that they (the readers) should bear in mind that if they don’t like what a blogger would like to say in his/her own Blog, they should have not read it then. Isn’t it that simple? Why should a lot of people debate over unimportant trivial matters?? Stupid. Blog is only a private media which is made public so that the public will know what the blogger thinks! Speak up, Man! The era has changed. Sex, politic scandals (like Clinton’s affair, remember?), and public speaking nowadays is not something we should worry anymore… That’s why I think American are (a bit) more intelligent than Asian.



It has been more than a week since I came back to school. And the routines return. Get up at 7.00, morning assembly at 7.40, finish school at 14.40, then afternoon prep until 16.30 (although I always look up for different reasons to skip this one), dinner at 18.30, evening prep from 19.30 until 21.30, and so on. What’s worse is that in this new semester, I have to attend the English Tutorial on Mondays and Wednesdays to improve my grades in English. Man, the tutorials are such a waste of time!! I’d rather study English by myself, bcoz the only thing(s) I need to improve my English are just to learn new vocabs and learn how to extract meanings from a Compre passage…

If I had got 5 marks higher than my actual mark, I wouldn’t have to attend the EL tutorial. Must study…….. Study…… ^_^

I wanna ask sumthin. If you readers were me, which school subject would you like to drop? I mean, among the Science subjects. I don’t have any problems with my Humanities grades. You know, the marks I got last mid-year tests were: 38 for Biology and 44 for Chemistry (this Chem mark is a moderated one. The actual mark was 34). I’m really really hesitant right now… Hm… I know, I know. You must be thinking that I’d probably much better to drop Chemistry, right? Well YES, I do think so. But I’ll lose my face by doing that. It’s bcoz there’s not a single person who have dropped nor will drop Chem. Well.. I’ll elaborate more bout this next time, OK?


Furigana Helper

About two weeks ago, I just found out an interesting website. Well.. uh.. not like the website I've given yesterday.. Hehex. I saw that nobody has fallen into my trap. If you have never known that website before, just open it, lar..

Well.. the website I'm talking about today is the Furigana helper, which helps ppl (non-Japanese only, actually) to get used to Kanji. Do you know Furigana? Yeah, now you know what is Furigana already. This website will convert all Kanji into Hiragana, and this is damn fun, Man!! (since I only mastered Kana, but not Kanji).

This's all Blog for today


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