Alternative news websites I like to visit

The following are alternative news websites that I like to visit on a regular basis. I like them because they are NOT among the ones owned by the six major corporations. Therefore, the viewpoints expressed in these websites are more reflective of the freedom of press.

By the way, when I say "alternative", I do not mean that they are like the extreme right-wing or extreme left-wing news channels which focus their news reporting heavily on conspiracy theories and other nutty news. Instead, I focus on those that publish smart and engaging articles on topics that are timely even if they don’t make it to the top of the news cycle.

The alternative news websites I listed above are those that report on real news (and stories of human interest) without having to keep you awake at night with news circulated by nutjobs out there.

There are also literary magazines I like:


List of websites for my daily French language digest

As I have vowed earlier this year that I want to minimize reading English online as much as possible, I limit myself to reading news articles in French, Japanese, or Malay only.

The links will be divided into two sections: those that have English language versions, and those that do not.

The ones without English version:

The ones that have English language versions are as follows:
Live Channels:
᭧ = most amazing blogs
᭩ = no longer updated

For grammar help, I use these:
These are the links I have for now. I will update as soon as I find more to post.


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