Finished the Malay exams

Today there were juz MT(Mother Tounge) exams: Listening Compre, Paper 1(Compo), and Paper 2. Finally, I've finished all... Leganya!!

There are only 3 non-English subjects which are taught in Singaporean schools: Chinese, Malay, and Tamil. The students are allowed to have their own MT languages according to their main languages (other than English, which is mainly spoken in their home). Well, I'm not a Japanese, and I don't speak Japanese at home either, but I do hope that I really can have Japanese subject to study at school.. Unfortunately, the only classes which are taught Japanese are the Pre-IB classes, with their special programmes.

Actually, I've read in a booklet given by the MoE (Ministry of Education) that in JC (Junior College, it means Hi-School in AmEnglish), students can have the Japanese subject. It may not be for me, though. I'm not willing to continue my education in Singapore, except if the MoE guys decide to continue the scholarship programme for me. I only got this scholarship until December 2006 (that's the time when I'm going to finish my O-Level here), and if the MoE don't continue, probably I'm going to US, then. I had phoned my parents in Indonesia to consider the possibility for me to study in the US, and they said that it's possible! ^_^

Study anywhere, it's OK... (As long as it's not Indonesia!! I dun wanna go back schooling in Indon!)Study in Singapore also OK. But not to live in Singapore, bcoz Singapore is too small to say as a country, don't you think? Hahaha.... (Sorry, if you reader are a Singaporean!)

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