Exam? English Compre and E-Math

The English Paper 2 which is Compre was, in fact, the easiest among all the exams I've gone through.. I'm not boasting, but juz this is merely a comparison. I'm not good in English.

The E-Math..... How unfortunate, now I know that have lost 5 marks upon 50!! I couldn't answer the 2nd last question, and now the highest possible mark I can reach is 90%. I know I might not get a1, and I'm not even sure whether I'll pass this E-Math. Hopefully... Pass!! It's such a shameful thing to me that I'm not really good in Maths when I want to be a "Japanese". Heheh, sorry for bringing this topic again. This is juz my own thoughts, you may stop reading in this part if you want to.

Yeah... The quality of a Japanese are: Neat, Discipline, and good in Maths & Science. I have the second quality, some of the first, but a very little amount of the third.

Understand what do I mean? I'm very very tidy in all my businesses, whether it's my room, my belongings, or my appearance (This one, I don't lie). About my disciplinary..... Hm.. Not very good. I'm not too discipline about timings, but it doesn't mean that I'm an always-late-person. In fact, most of the time I always punctual(for, such as: school, appointment). If I'm not punctual, then it means that I come earlier. Like that.

About the third one.... Well, my marks on Science are moderate, but my Math doesn't. I'm juz weak at Maths, I dunno why. So, for the resolution, I promised to myself that during the coming June Holiday (which commences at -if I'm not wrong- 28 May), I'll study hard everyday to improve my Maths.

Can I do it? Let me see later.

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