A-Math and Geography Exams

A-Math was supposed to be easy for me -a scholar- but it wasn't I think I skipped a lot of questions and it made me lose a lot of marks too.

The Geography test... Actually, I'd say that it's quite easy, although I didn't know the answer for 30% of the Paper. And it made me to write bullshit(s), bcoz high marks in Geog Elective can only be obtained by a good writings, right?? Therefore, we can conclude that Humanities subjects such as Social Studies, Geog Elective, and English Lit which require pages to answer the questions only needs a good skill in using your imagination. Yes, I emphasize this: imagination. I said this bcoz no matter how hard you tried to memorize the subject, most of the time you'll fail it anyway, unless I have a good imagination. Do you agree???

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