I'll be alone in a few days from now, but I know that this is my own choice. Not exactly my own choice actually, but behind all of this, it's too confidential to jot down here, so it's better for me not to explain the reason why..

The thing I'm talking about is that in a few days, almost all of my friends (about 95% of them, I think) are going back to their hometown for this June holiday. And I, unfortunately, am one of the 5% who are not. So sad, isn't it?? Yeah, deep down in my heart, of course I do feel like that, but as I'm used to be separated with my family(and home) for that I've experienced one when I was in Sec 1 (I lived with my Uncle’s family in Jakarta and my parents live in Surabaya), this doesn't really matter to me. In fact, a bit of me feel relieved that I can experience to stay in Singapore during the June holiday (although it means that I will meet my family only in November holiday later, then).

Wanna know why? I won't tell this time. Again, it's too confidential to jot down, and only my parents and myself who have known the reason behind it.

Enough of this. I shall stop here. For that thou art not supposed to know...

Well, well, well..... Don't use such a beautiful English, lah.

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