Mon Livre De Rapport...............!!

Waaaa................ Ancur!!! I juz received my report book yesterday, and guess what, as I've been expected since I received all my Paper results last Thurzday, I've got very very lousy marks...
Especially for my Biology paper, which I expected to pass. Now I have to eat the fact that I failed my Chemistry.... and of course, my Bio too... I got an F9 for it!!

For you who haven't seen what a Singapore report book looks like, or an ACS(I) report book in particular, here is the student's profile:

since I haven't put my term 1 report, now I'll include it

and here it is.... My mid-year report:

See?? Very lousy, isn't it? For your information, in Singapore the report book does not put the average marks of the tests, assignments, and homeworks as Indonesia does. Therefore, the marks you can see above are merely my exam paper marks.

But its OK. I just wish I can do better for next term.

PS: If u wanna know my actual marks, juz gimme your e-mail.

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