High Table Dinner

Today we boarders in ACS(I) just got a High Table Dinner event in our boarding school, and for you who dunno what the hell is that, High Table Dinner is just a special occasion in which we boarders are ought to wear formal western clothes, and in here we are supposed to use table manner in our dinner. Here is the photo taken: David Raj, Terrence, Alex, Woon Hann, and me

in photo above, my smile looks sucks, since I wasn't really prepared for my picture with my friends to be taken. Here is a better photo. The third guy from left is Nguyen Phi Long..

Both pics above are taken before the dinner starts, and the dinner itself looks like this

Some of the boarders became the waiters, or in a more polite term, server. For example, my friend Evan:

Oya, forgot to include, the appetizer was chicken salad, and ini mah cuman foto iseng aja, so dun laugh, OK?

This pic then was taken after the dinner finished. The first guy from right is Stanford and the third is Buana

Dun laugh, I may show an ugly smile again by that time..
And the last photo taken was a photo of Hall 1 Boarders

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