The Physics exam was a bit hard, but I’m sure that I’ll pass this subject anyway. It was much easier than the Chemistry exam yesterday.

Let’s c… What about the English Lit? Hm…. Both passages given for the exam consisted of Unseen Prose for the first question and Set Text for the other. I refer set text to that “The English Teacher” book, which I hardly conveyed the meaning out of it. I got only 7 marks upon 25 on my last assignment based on that book.. It may seem very lousy to you, but remember…. That I have just lived in Singapore for less than 7 months! Well, actually this is not a good excuse anyway. I admit it. Most of my friends, whose English are weaker than me, can get more marks than mine. Then I asked to myself, “what’s wrong with me??!!!” As I compared my Lit assignment with theirs, I found out that comments such as “Read the question!” or “superficial reading” could be found more in mine than in theirs. By that discovery, I got frustrated as I had spent a lot of time on the effort of extracting the meaning out of the passage, but the result itself (the mark) was not equal to my effort. What’s wrong with me? Don’t say that I’m stupid. I’m a scholar, remember? I just need more time to adapt this subject.

The English Lit exam was not really difficult anyway. In fact, I’m quite confident about this exam, I think I’ll get B3 or C4 (which mark is about 55-65). Hopefully this will come true, but my experiences told me that I have just done well for English Lit works only once…

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