A message to Japan and China

I’m a pro-Japan, probably too fanatic one that you may call me a J-freak, but I would like to deliver an unbiased message to both countries about the cold war (conflicts in internet, mass demonstration, etc. Don’t take this term literally) that has been going for a few months by now.

To China: Why are you people fussing about PM of Japan (Mr Junichiro Koizumi)’s visit to Yasukuni Shrine? Isn’t it a personal thing for him (Mr Koizumi) to visit the shrine to respect the war victims of Japan? And it is a normal thing indeed, as he is a citizen who wants to pay tribute to those who have lost lives for their own country. By being anti-Japan or exasperating the Japanese embassy with those demonstrations and burning Japanese flag(s), I should remind you that you are being very ungrateful for that Japan has been ungrateful for that Japan has been aiding yen to China for years so that your country can develop well.

To Japan: I think there is no such thing called anti-China movement or China-sentimentalists in Japan, but I know that there is a quite small percentage of Japanese who don’t like to meet any Chinese scholars or Chinese people in your country, right? I have no proof for this, therefore I have no further argumentation. But believe it, that I jave read this from Japan’s point of view in a Japanese newspaper about a month ago (article may refer to Mainichi Shinbun). Well, back to the main point, I have to point out the point that your small percentage of disliking China is being known by them. Why? Perhaps I should remind you that your ancestors and heritage basically comes from China? For Mr Koizumi, I think you should visit the Yasukuni shrine discreetly. Isn’t there any way to evade the press so that it (the visit) would not be known publicly (in this case: be known by China and South Korea).

To China and Japan altogether: The history textbook problem, I believe, will soon be solved as the scholars from both countries (including South Korea too) are negotiating to remake it. China should be thankful to Japan as Japan is helping – not intervening – you about the Taiwan problem. And for Japan, you should not help too much so that China will not say that you are intervening China’s own business. About the disputed isles, Japan should be able to negotiate well of what to do with the disputed isles of Okinotori (disputing with China) or isles of Take (which South Koreans call Dokdo). But one thing I want to tell Japan is that I was quite astonished when one of Tokyo’s government officials – who is not to be named here – refers China as “Shina” (a derogatory term used by Japan during Japanese occupation of China in the 1930s and 1940s) in one of the TV Tokyo’s aired footage not long ago. Wouldn’t such term outrage China?

Well, I would like to apologize if any of what I have written above is found not to be completely true or agreeable, and this message is only aimed to be a little consideration for both China and Japan. I have fully realized that I do not mean to insult any countries and its people.

I would be very delighted if any part of my message is to be taken into full consideration.


Reminiscences of a Contemplative Wanderer

"I was afraid that by observing objects with my eyes and trying to comprehend them with each of my other senses I might blind my soul altogether”,Socrates once addressed the Athens throng.

Toshi continued,“For that eyes may deceive but a heart may not. What shall it means to thee if a king has a darker sin than the ulcerous beggar? What shall it means to God, then? Nothing is immortal except the heavenly which descended to every Man on earth, and in this case, it is our heart"


My holiday activities

My holidays that has gone for about two weeks by now, have been quite enjoyable for myself although it may seem boring for most ppl. Probably because of my introverted character. My days started like this: waking up at 10, straight away go to the library – don’t even bother to have a wash, very slovenly I am – and spend my time there browsing: download & read mangas, read J-newspapers, copy some Sudokus etc until the library is closed at 5.

Then I spend most of the time in my room: consume the pile of novels which I haven’t read (there’re about 40 of them), practising Kana (I had mastered Kana months ago, but I had quite forgotten most of them and thank goodness now I’ve mastered it again), learning Kanji (currently I’ve only mastered 20), improve my English vocabulary, and after getting fed up, attempt to solve any Sudokus (in fact, until now I’ve only solved 2 since I started 5 days ago, such a lousy noob I am!)

When I get bored of being imprisoned in my room doing such activities, I always go to Kinokuniya in Orchard and browsing any books I find interesting: fantasies and literatures. Since I’ve been able to read some of the basic Kanji, I started to browse books, comics, and mags in the Japanese section, and to found out that I’m nothing, I’m still Kanji-blind as I’ve only studied 20 of 1985 totally existing Kanji!! ^__^



I’ve got strange dreams lately. Not that dream which you usually get when you’re fantasizing while you’re awake, but the kind of dream you get when you’re asleep. Firstly was two nights before... It is more precise if I call it a nightmare, actually. I was standing in the middle of a rainy day in Jakarta, under the halte or bus stop. I didn’t know which part of Jakarta was it, as the halte didn’t show any name of area. I didn’t know the way home from there, and I didn’t bring money either. I started to run through the rain when suddenly I woke up from my dream. Or, I thought I’ve awaken. Beside my bed, I saw a hooded creature with a sickle on its hand, swinging it towards me, the creature is the one you call “Dementor” in Harry Potter or “Doom” in some RPG… I screamed (and said,” Jesus, help me!!” in my heart), and opened my eyes awake. . Thank goodness, it was only a dream! That reminded me that I haven’t prayed for days, and then I just prayed for a while

After that I can’t sleep for the next four hours. I tried to take a stroll around into the grandstand, gazing at the stars, and wondering how to look for the Gemini. You see, until now I wonder how people can differentiate star constellations like Aries, Pisces, etc from the others because they all look the same. All stars look the same to me!

Well, there wasn’t a full moon either. The full moon is always in the middle of the month. Just like said in some movies, when we are looking at the moon, someone out there who is missing us will be looking at it too, and we know that somehow our hearts are connected.. But I laughed at myself, and know that it’s impossible for anyone out there (in Indonesia) to be gazing at the moon, bcoz they must be asleep by now” (it was 1 o’clock ante meridian..). But then I felt better and was able to sleep.

On the next day, which is last night, I had a beautiful dream, or a strange one I might call it, and I dreamed that I was getting married. Yes, it was the days before my wedding day, with a girl who was just my type – I can’t remember her face, and this normally happen after you dreamed: You forgot the face of someone you met there. She’s not one of my friends or any girl I’ve known, bcoz if she is, I must’ve recognized her. But the one thing I remembered was not that we were preparing all things for the wedding day, but the discussion I had with her. She told me that I have to let her chaste (virgin) until we are married. I answered that I will certainly be able to withstand myself from doing that –you know what!- as I’ve once read in the bible that….. (Well, I’ll get into that topic now) by God, human is not allowed to have sex unless the woman and the man are married to each other. Therefore, I agreed to what my wife-to-be asked me for… After that, we discussed about more private things –I can’t jot them down here- and after we finished the discussion, I woke up from my dream, and realized that it was only a dream!!

What are the meanings of my dreams? Was it a message given by God, or just my imagination? I hope someone can interpret each of them for me..



Hey... hey.. the Blog I posted before... Damn disgusting, lor. Agree? That photo was manipulated actually, bcoz the real me haven't ever slept "nicely" like that... Much more disgusting. Ugh. Beter for me not to describe it anyway.

Lately, I've been looking at some of my poem collections (made by myself, of course), and in my opinion, they're not really as romantic as I've thought before. Well, I have to tell you the fact that all of my poems were made about one and a half year ago when I..... broke up with my girlfriend (hope she'll never read this blog), and me myself made some of them to express my feelings in a better way. My poems were shown to my friends and all of them opined that I was so romantic, very sophisticated, talented in language, and bla...bla..bla... things like that. It gave me confidence anyway, bcoz by that time I've only wrote about less than 10 poems, and their appraisal made me able to write more. Anyway, when my ex-girlfriend and me became friends again, I showed the poems to her and she only smiled while she was reading them.

That was 1½years ago.

Do you know what do I think of my poems right now? Instead of thinking how romantic I was, I think the poems are too.... Hmm.. How to say it, huh?.. Melancholic. I can't even believe that it was me myself who wrote them all. Different feelings that I have now and before, maybe is the reason why I think like that. Anyway, enough for today.



Cannot blog now... Can't you see that I'm sleeping?


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