School tension

Recently I’ve been very-very-very busy. A lot of tasks were to be done, and even until now I still have some. This Geography test which was conducted today worried me a lot in the last 3 days. The test came out to be quite easy, fortunately. Hopefully I’ll get an A1 for this subject!! Hahaha… I don’t think so. Let me see what I’ve achieved overall so far in this term (the words are in white for confidentiality. Just highlight them):

H. Malay: 42/70 = 60% (C4)

Eng Language: 16/30 = 53.33% (D6)

Eng Literature: 15/25= 60% (C4)

Physics: 18/31 = 58% (C4)

Chemistry: 15/35 = 42.9% (E7)

Biology (dropped): 9/25 = 36% (F9, dun care, lolz)

Add Maths: 18/35 = 51.4% (C4)

Elem Maths: 11/25 = 44% (E7)

Social Studies: 12/18 = 66.7% (B3)

Geog El: not yet (possibly B3)

Wahh….. So pathetic. If I include Physics and the Geography estimation, I’ll get an L1R5 of…………………….. 26!!!!! Slightly higher (?) than my Mid-Year’s, which was 25. Oh My God, please, I beseech you!! Give me better marks! I really regretted my not-very-good-but-a-bit-gloomy-instead mood on the day the E-Maths test conducted. If I was in a good one, I would’ve got an A1 or A2 and enables me to have an L1R5 of 19-20. Ugh, really. I can go mad now.

Just this morning after the morning assembly, my class PCT (Pastoral Care Teacher) Mr Chua asked me, “Toshi, tighten your tie please”.

“Yes, Sir”, I said while buttoning my uppermost button and tighten my tie.

“By the way Toshi, do you have any problems? You look quite stressed.”

“Oh….” I thought for a while, “No,Sir”

“Are you sure?”

While guessing that Mr Chua’s assumption is due to my scruffy look in the morning, I answered, “Um…. No, Sir. This morning while I was heading to school, I realized that I had left my tie in my room, so I rushed back to the Boarding School”

“Well, no. It’s not about your tie. You just look quite stressful in this term. Since the beginning of this term, in fact. Is there anything you need to tell us?” He refers to both himself and my CT (Class Teacher) Mr Sham.

I smiled, “No…no… I’m not. I’m just…”


“Ah, nothing Sir”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah. Sure”

“Well, if you do have any problems, don’t doubt to tell us, OK?”

“Yes, Sir”

After that conversation, I stayed frozen for a minute. I realized that I do have a problem. A major problem that always haunts me, actually. It is not to be confided, actually. After all, how will anybody help me after I’ve confided it?

The problem is: The fear of getting expelled from my school. As you know, I’m a scholar, right? With an L1R5 always above 20, I’m in a morbid fear of getting expelled from this school. The main reason isn’t about the money or time I’ve wasted, it’s my reputation. I really dunno where to put my face (an Indonesian saying which means ‘how to save my pride?’). I can do nothing other than studying super hard. Gosh, I really hate doing it. Studying hard and smart is not what I’m currently good at. I need to enjoy my life more, and probably my diligence (am I? Lolz, I laugh at myself) and the thought of this that haunts me creates the stressful tension within myself…


The unpredictable thoughts

does this title above seem familliar to you? For one of my loyal reader, yes. Hahaha... The rampant spread of blogging has infected almost everyone I know. It's just interesting to blog, though... Just keeping a record of what I'm thinking by the time I blog.

When I'm given plenty time to use internet connection, but it seems that thare isn't any interesting website to open, I just blog. Gosh, the hellish thing about my blog that I dislike is the vacancy of my comment boxes... From my own experience, there is merely one person who has given my blog a comment!! The rest are on tagboard, and I only can find rubbish writings there... woohh. I dunno which is better: having a lot of ppl reading my blog (which means some of my private thoughts will be widely known) or only a few of my own preference.

PS: Sorry guys, in a few days I'm in love with South Korea, so I change the Blog language from Nihon-go to Hanguk. It doesn't mean that I stop loving Japan though.


Rugby C Division Final and Homestay at Nic Heng's House

Yesterday there was a very good news which brought a cheer in every ACSian's hearts. ACS(I) won the final, defeating St Andrew's 16 to 12!! Wow, you know, firstly we ACSians thought that the game was going to be won by St Andrews', as they lead first with a try and two penalties, giving a gap score of 7-0... And another thing is that we thought the game was going to be deja vu of the previous B Division final, when St Andrews' beat us 7 to 0!! But fortunatelyit wasn't. Things just happened to ba alright for us, and thus we won the game (and a holiday in Tuesday as a reward~ not bad....)

Now, I'm typing blog in Nic Heng's house. Why am I here so late in his house? Well, it's the homestay thingie. We boarders are obliged to have a homestay (at least) once a year in a Singaporean's house so that we are allowed to go back to our homecountries on December... Thus, with "heavy heart" (a term in Indon when a person has to do what he doesn't want to) I asked Nic Heng, one of the most kind Singaporeans in my class (there're 4 out of 7 who are kind to me) to have a homestay at his house. Good for me, he accepted! Furthermore, I dun have to go alone, as my PRC friend Zhou Chen also hasn't got his homestay yet. So, we were just brought here... A very nice house, actually. I really wanna have one like his, with: large kitchen, large-screen TVs, home theatre, dog retriever named Mozart as a pet... Woooow, hopefully I can have one like this house. His parents are also kind. That Nic Heng (whom Buana described to me as metrosexual, as he cares for his body quite a lot) is really lucky having a life like this. Well, probably most Singaporeans in my school also does lead a life like him. ^ ^



This morning I checked the astrology of the day in and read that I'm going to be "smacked" by a great surprise!! Wooooh, I wonder what it'll be?? You know, I believe in astrology, but I also believe in God. Believing in God doesn't mean that I must deem astrology as divination or satanic device.. Astrology is just my personal interest, and there is a difference between God and astrology: God can guide, lead, and protect me thru the whole day, while astrology can only tell me what might happen on the day without giving any solutions. See the difference? Those who say that Christians must not believe in Feng Shui, Hong Shui, Astrology, etc are merely hypocrites! Those stuffs are not part of misleading religions or sects anyway. They’re not even based on any Gods!! They’re based on nature balance, on the real application of science as a tool for personal harmony.

Any disagreements?


Falling stars??

Stupid astronomers in my school.... No such meteors were seen last Saturday dawn! Those ppl from the Astronomy Club just said that we were going to be able to see the falling stars on Saturday 13 dawn, around 1-4 a.m, i think, and it was proven to be wrong. I was covered with excitement on that day: "Being able to see falling stars for the first time in life, ooooh whaddya think??". But to my disappointment, no such meteors were seen. Not a single of them!!! I waited there (the venue was Grandstand of ACS boarding sch), from midnite until 4 o'clock, and found nothing on the sky. The stars weren't even seen, they were obscured by cloud... Crazy, don't you think!!!

Hm... Change topic now. Probably for the first time in ACS(I), I didn't bother to do any of my homeworks on weekend. Yes, due to some VCDs i borrowed from my good Filipino friend Neil, I've been on movie marathon from yesterday until now. Continuously watching movie marathon: Hidalgo, Black Hawk Down, Around The World in 80 Days, King Arthur, My Little Bride, and 100 Days with Mr Arrogant. The last two are Korean movies. My, I really enjoy Korean movies!! ^ ^ Korean ones (esp. comedies) are those I can watch lightly (in a very light and easygoing manner, different from western ones which I have to watch seriously). My Sassy Girl, Windstruck, My Little Bride..... Woooo, they really are silly movies! But still I like them very much. The style of how Korean speak (their accent), how the female chara usually dominates the male (the female mostly are described as pretty, but bad-tempered chara)... That's the unique thing about Korean movies!!



If there is anything I hav a morbid fear of rite now, it is Lester's phonecall. At about 9 o'clock just now, he called me. And I'm very afraid of his call, at least for now. Why?

This evening, I was supposed to attend the Chung Cheng High Interact Club Installation. As I was unsure about how to get there and who to accompany me, I decided to skive off my "duty" (is it a duty? I don't deem it as one) as ACS-I rep as I perceived that they (the CCH interactors) won't take any attendance (Gosh, hopefully I'm rite). I wonder how will Lester react if he knows this. Horrible... Seeing one of my craziest fren getting infuriated w/ me... Waaaahhh.....!!!! I will tell him the truth for sure. But not 100% ^^

Enough about this "sharing of fear", then. Gosh, it has been a decade since the last time I blogged. Knowing that some of my frenz have had their blogs died such as Void's and Shu-chan's ones, I know that I have to do sumthin so that mine won't share the same fate. There is a gap of almost a month between this blog and my last entry... OMG, why hav i neglected my poor little Blog..?? I shouldn't have treated my diary in such a way. The only thing why I'm too lazy to write any is bcoz it seems that I hav no time to spare for typing diaries (I don't hav the skill to type w/ 10 fingers yet).

Let's c... The consequence is that now some of my blog's faithful readers (Seeing my empty blog comments, I doubt if I even hav any...) may not now what's going on in my life (reader's comments: "Who cares??"). Well, it's not your comments that actually worry me, but I only wanna keep a track on what's goin on my days. There are several events which are quite nice to recall, such as:

Getting to read the Harry Potter HBP (E-book version) for free,
My marks on my EL Tutorial,
being able to prepare for SAT,
Snow City visit,
preparing my EL Tutorial presentation,
Racial Harmony Day & NDP,
and the most recently 3.7 "class" outing...

The 3.7 "class" outing was held on 9 August. Since the date coincides with the National Day of Singapore, I know that it was deliberately organised by those 2 ppl (won't mention names here) for the non-Singaporeans only.


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