This morning I checked the astrology of the day in MSN.com and read that I'm going to be "smacked" by a great surprise!! Wooooh, I wonder what it'll be?? You know, I believe in astrology, but I also believe in God. Believing in God doesn't mean that I must deem astrology as divination or satanic device.. Astrology is just my personal interest, and there is a difference between God and astrology: God can guide, lead, and protect me thru the whole day, while astrology can only tell me what might happen on the day without giving any solutions. See the difference? Those who say that Christians must not believe in Feng Shui, Hong Shui, Astrology, etc are merely hypocrites! Those stuffs are not part of misleading religions or sects anyway. They’re not even based on any Gods!! They’re based on nature balance, on the real application of science as a tool for personal harmony.

Any disagreements?

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