The unpredictable thoughts

does this title above seem familliar to you? For one of my loyal reader, yes. Hahaha... The rampant spread of blogging has infected almost everyone I know. It's just interesting to blog, though... Just keeping a record of what I'm thinking by the time I blog.

When I'm given plenty time to use internet connection, but it seems that thare isn't any interesting website to open, I just blog. Gosh, the hellish thing about my blog that I dislike is the vacancy of my comment boxes... From my own experience, there is merely one person who has given my blog a comment!! The rest are on tagboard, and I only can find rubbish writings there... woohh. I dunno which is better: having a lot of ppl reading my blog (which means some of my private thoughts will be widely known) or only a few of my own preference.

PS: Sorry guys, in a few days I'm in love with South Korea, so I change the Blog language from Nihon-go to Hanguk. It doesn't mean that I stop loving Japan though.

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