If there is anything I hav a morbid fear of rite now, it is Lester's phonecall. At about 9 o'clock just now, he called me. And I'm very afraid of his call, at least for now. Why?

This evening, I was supposed to attend the Chung Cheng High Interact Club Installation. As I was unsure about how to get there and who to accompany me, I decided to skive off my "duty" (is it a duty? I don't deem it as one) as ACS-I rep as I perceived that they (the CCH interactors) won't take any attendance (Gosh, hopefully I'm rite). I wonder how will Lester react if he knows this. Horrible... Seeing one of my craziest fren getting infuriated w/ me... Waaaahhh.....!!!! I will tell him the truth for sure. But not 100% ^^

Enough about this "sharing of fear", then. Gosh, it has been a decade since the last time I blogged. Knowing that some of my frenz have had their blogs died such as Void's and Shu-chan's ones, I know that I have to do sumthin so that mine won't share the same fate. There is a gap of almost a month between this blog and my last entry... OMG, why hav i neglected my poor little Blog..?? I shouldn't have treated my diary in such a way. The only thing why I'm too lazy to write any is bcoz it seems that I hav no time to spare for typing diaries (I don't hav the skill to type w/ 10 fingers yet).

Let's c... The consequence is that now some of my blog's faithful readers (Seeing my empty blog comments, I doubt if I even hav any...) may not now what's going on in my life (reader's comments: "Who cares??"). Well, it's not your comments that actually worry me, but I only wanna keep a track on what's goin on my days. There are several events which are quite nice to recall, such as:

Getting to read the Harry Potter HBP (E-book version) for free,
My marks on my EL Tutorial,
being able to prepare for SAT,
Snow City visit,
preparing my EL Tutorial presentation,
Racial Harmony Day & NDP,
and the most recently 3.7 "class" outing...

The 3.7 "class" outing was held on 9 August. Since the date coincides with the National Day of Singapore, I know that it was deliberately organised by those 2 ppl (won't mention names here) for the non-Singaporeans only.

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