Rugby C Division Final and Homestay at Nic Heng's House

Yesterday there was a very good news which brought a cheer in every ACSian's hearts. ACS(I) won the final, defeating St Andrew's 16 to 12!! Wow, you know, firstly we ACSians thought that the game was going to be won by St Andrews', as they lead first with a try and two penalties, giving a gap score of 7-0... And another thing is that we thought the game was going to be deja vu of the previous B Division final, when St Andrews' beat us 7 to 0!! But fortunatelyit wasn't. Things just happened to ba alright for us, and thus we won the game (and a holiday in Tuesday as a reward~ not bad....)

Now, I'm typing blog in Nic Heng's house. Why am I here so late in his house? Well, it's the homestay thingie. We boarders are obliged to have a homestay (at least) once a year in a Singaporean's house so that we are allowed to go back to our homecountries on December... Thus, with "heavy heart" (a term in Indon when a person has to do what he doesn't want to) I asked Nic Heng, one of the most kind Singaporeans in my class (there're 4 out of 7 who are kind to me) to have a homestay at his house. Good for me, he accepted! Furthermore, I dun have to go alone, as my PRC friend Zhou Chen also hasn't got his homestay yet. So, we were just brought here... A very nice house, actually. I really wanna have one like his, with: large kitchen, large-screen TVs, home theatre, dog retriever named Mozart as a pet... Woooow, hopefully I can have one like this house. His parents are also kind. That Nic Heng (whom Buana described to me as metrosexual, as he cares for his body quite a lot) is really lucky having a life like this. Well, probably most Singaporeans in my school also does lead a life like him. ^ ^

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