Falling stars??

Stupid astronomers in my school.... No such meteors were seen last Saturday dawn! Those ppl from the Astronomy Club just said that we were going to be able to see the falling stars on Saturday 13 dawn, around 1-4 a.m, i think, and it was proven to be wrong. I was covered with excitement on that day: "Being able to see falling stars for the first time in life, ooooh whaddya think??". But to my disappointment, no such meteors were seen. Not a single of them!!! I waited there (the venue was Grandstand of ACS boarding sch), from midnite until 4 o'clock, and found nothing on the sky. The stars weren't even seen, they were obscured by cloud... Crazy, don't you think!!!

Hm... Change topic now. Probably for the first time in ACS(I), I didn't bother to do any of my homeworks on weekend. Yes, due to some VCDs i borrowed from my good Filipino friend Neil, I've been on movie marathon from yesterday until now. Continuously watching movie marathon: Hidalgo, Black Hawk Down, Around The World in 80 Days, King Arthur, My Little Bride, and 100 Days with Mr Arrogant. The last two are Korean movies. My, I really enjoy Korean movies!! ^ ^ Korean ones (esp. comedies) are those I can watch lightly (in a very light and easygoing manner, different from western ones which I have to watch seriously). My Sassy Girl, Windstruck, My Little Bride..... Woooo, they really are silly movies! But still I like them very much. The style of how Korean speak (their accent), how the female chara usually dominates the male (the female mostly are described as pretty, but bad-tempered chara)... That's the unique thing about Korean movies!!

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