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The Persistence of Memory, one of the most famous works by Dali

Surrealism is generally defined as:

n. a combination of fantastic images and incongruous juxtapositions which represent unconscious thoughts and dreams

Such works mingle elements of untruths with realities, making its display to be thoughtfully provoking.

Now Wikipedia has the link between such grotesque stuff with the person I consider the scariest man on earth:

[Sigmund] Freud's work with free association, dream analysis and the hidden unconscious was of the utmost importance to the Surrealists in developing methods to liberate imagination.

Ah, no wonder.

I have never called myself an artistic person but it doesn't mean that I could not appreciate art. Because I enjoy diverse kinds of music and works of the Greek architecture.

But surrealism?

a neosurrealistic picture by Patrick Desmet

Nah, the artists got their inspiration from Freud... So, no thanks!

I don't know what most of the humanity thinks of surrealistic works, but I personally find them frightening.

Think of it, what kind of beauty could you find in these kind of works?

QY  – (28 August 2008 at 10:24)  

pls take note that the era of which art only functioned to depict beauty has long passed. art is not about beauty. and if you think Dali is no good, try look Damien Hirst's works.

toshi  – (28 August 2008 at 11:15)  

@QY: i wasn't writing abt beauty actually.. :D

my main point today is about how scary those works are.. don't u agree? :>

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