Could complaints be faked?

Sometimes when I read complaints on the readers' section in the morning paper, I wonder if any of them are faked.

Really, don't you think it is possible that if there is a complaint of a bad service in supermarket X, then it might have been sent by its evil rival from supermarket Y?

Or if there is a complaint on an electronic gadget made by the company A, then isn't it possible that it was sent by a competitor from company B?

This is the reason why we should always remain observantly sceptical towards anything we read in the mass media.

Most advertisements are filled with lies, political campaign promises are bunch of bullshit, and there is also a possibility that those complaints you read in the readers' section are fabricated by a jealous competitor.

What a frigging venal world.

It sure is getting harder to find honest materials in mass publications these days... The earth we are living in is increasingly filled with prevarications and hopeless dreams which is unfortunately nowhere near the reality that we could see everyday.

QY  – (27 August 2008 at 10:26)  

that is precisely why we have PR departmnent in all big firms.

toshi  – (28 August 2008 at 11:16)  

@QY: so... u mean, the PR departments could sometimes be the culprit behind those slanderous complaints?

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