Does salvation exist in every religion?

In my opinion, YES!

I always hate to read commentaries by fanatics who say "My religion is the best and your religion is doomed to hell!".

Such fanatics have no basis on living on earth.

I have family members who remained Catholics till their deaths, as well as those who remained Protestants and Muslims.

And now that I remember it, I also have far Balinese relatives, which mean that they die as Hindus as well.

Such a diversity of faiths make the very idea that "salvation (meaning: the ticket to Heaven) is only exclusively limited to certain religions" scare me.

I certainly dislike the idea of seeing my atheist friends, as well as those who embrace different faiths as I do, are going to hell. I know that they are born as good people and I trust that they deserve to go to heaven as much as I do. Otherwise, they wouldn't become my friends in the first place, would they?

Really, it does not matter whether you embrace Religion A and not Religion B. I don't think that it matters too whether you embrace any religion at all.

Because what matters most is how we could make the world a better place for you and I to live in by living our days to the fullest according to what we are tailor-made to be by the Higher Power.

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