Freud, Mraz, and all the wonders they bring

If there is a poll to nominate the scariest person ever lived, I wouldn’t choose Hitler. No I wouldn’t.

I would instead choose Sigmund Freud, the Austrian psychologist well-known for his sickening theories.

Not that it’s a bad thing though. I just wondered how such theories sprung up in his mind. Perhaps he suffered from those disorders himself, eh?

If you don’t know who Freud is, I suggest you to open the hyperlink above and read the whole article thoroughly before commenting anything negative about my opinion of him.

Another person that brings me wonders is Jason Mraz, an American singer-songwriter whose songs need neverendingbreathswithoutanyspacesorhaltsorwhatsoeverjustlikethis. It is a curious thing to figure out how he manages to carry those songs on stage. Does he always use lip-sync or what? Because if he doesn’t then he must have a very, very, very long breath.

Check this video clip in Youtube if you’ve never heard Jason Mraz’s songs before.

yonna –   – (29 April 2008 at 05:30)  

I've read a quotation, but unfortunately I lost it, from Jung maybe, tells about:

"Give me a man who claim himself sane, I will make him sane"

It seems that the true meaning of being sane became obscure, who's sane, who's insane, what kind of sane people are, etc?

that's how i agree with you that Freud is more dangerous than Hitler. hehehe, but i am sane lah

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