Request to Drop Biology

About a week ago, I decided to drop Biology, the only sch subject which I've never passed. My highest score ever for the Bio exam is only 37%, can you imagine that?? Thus, you can see the extract of the "resignation" letter I'vegiven to Mrs Tay Suat Kuan, my (now, former) Bio Teacher, with fabricating some pretexts and lies, so that my letter will look in a concrete form:

After a semester of studying Biology, I found it was difficult for me to score well in this subject. After deep consideration and defeating the slight hesitation within myself to do otherwise, I have decided to drop this subject. I will elaborate on several reasons why I do think so.

First of all, my language ability is not as good as others. Thus, I have a language problem. I am not good in applying biological theories into trivial matters which are questioned in the test structured questions, and although I had studied harder than others, I always scored lower than they did. In term 1, I scored 30% which is F9, much lower than my classmates who needed merely a night to study while I definitely studied longer than that. In the second term, I my grade only improve into 38% (but still F9 as well). As information, I prepared days of practising Biology for the Middle Year Examination, but still, my grade is not equal to the effort I had devoted. Moreover, my Biology scores were always one of the lowest ones in class. I know if I keep studying this, I am afraid I will not pass the Final Year Examination and will have to attend the Concentration Camp in December.

Then, I also need to improve other subjects as well, especially Science subjects and Maths. Thus, if I try to concentrate at something which I am not good at, I am afraid it will affect my grades on other subjects as well; as I have to study them all besides Biology.

Last, I found no interest in Biology at all. For me personally, I do not like reciting for that is my weakest part. Sometimes I need to recite every concept and read notes and textbooks everyday. Therefore, it is hard for me to study something that I am neither good nor interested at.

All of these are my decisions.

Yours truly,

Toshihiko Atsuyama

Student of Class 3.7 Daniel

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