I finished my listening Compre for higher Malay today, and it was juz damn easy thingies and stuffs.

Lately, I’ve been crazy over Wikipedia. No, Wikipedia is not a name of a girl, but (as most intelligent ppl know) it’s an encyclopaedia. I’ve found this website about a week ago, and all that I’ve done over this whole week is just downloading a lot of its interesting articles. Their articles range over hundreds of thousands, and it includes all sections of whole knowledge. Well….. Wait a minute. Dun start thinking that I’m a nerd or some kind of guy like that…. Bcoz I’m NOT. This “Wikipedia thingies” is actually used for my own interest, and to make me amusing in front of other ppl as well. Here, I’ll tell you a secret. Deep down in my heart, I have a strong desire so that I can be looked as an intelligent person in front of other ppl. Well, I did look intelligent when I was in Bali, but since I came to Singapore……. Not anymore. In my current school, ppl tend to regard me as a normal boy, and none of them see me as a smart one. I really wanna change that. So, the solution is to devour as many articles in encyclopaedia as possible. Just imagine: Won’t it be amazing if I can have a conversation with a teacher about English Renaissance or Neoclassicism? What about if I say a quotation of love by Plato in front of a girl? Cool, right??

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