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Lately, something bad has happened in my school. I mean it. Really, really bad. You know, that about a month ago a scholar in my school has had his scholarship terminated. Yes, terminated. I don’t know him personally, but his I feel pity for him. That may be the worst nightmare that every scholar here might ever have, and I do hope that I’ll never come to the point where my grades are critical that it can make the MoE of Singapore starts to think that I’m not capable of continuing my studies until the end of my Secondary school. It means that you’ve wasted your time (and money) for more than a year in a place where you don’t even get your graduation certificate!! This is really really… Ugh. The MoE is up to something. I just know it. From what most of my friends have said, I have a big picture about what the MoE is up to......... I won’t mention any of them here, bcoz any Singaporeans who read my blog might sue me for doing that. Or even worse: get my scholarship terminated. Hahaha… I know they can’t do that, as long as I have no words that I use against them. That’s why it’s too dangerous to mention those things.

I’m getting to a different topic now. As I’ve read in The Strait Times, that two Singaporean bloggers who had their studies overseas in a scholarship program were threatened by the possibility of getting their scholarship terminated bcoz of their racist comments in their Blogs. Not something for the public to outcry to, though. I read some of the readers’ comments in the same newspaper which mostly said that their scholarship should be terminated. Do you know what do I think about those things? Those readers are dumb. Yes, dumb. It doesn’t mean that I personally support racism. Of course I'm against racism. But the thing is that they (the readers) should bear in mind that if they don’t like what a blogger would like to say in his/her own Blog, they should have not read it then. Isn’t it that simple? Why should a lot of people debate over unimportant trivial matters?? Stupid. Blog is only a private media which is made public so that the public will know what the blogger thinks! Speak up, Man! The era has changed. Sex, politic scandals (like Clinton’s affair, remember?), and public speaking nowadays is not something we should worry anymore… That’s why I think American are (a bit) more intelligent than Asian.

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