A message to Japan and China

I’m a pro-Japan, probably too fanatic one that you may call me a J-freak, but I would like to deliver an unbiased message to both countries about the cold war (conflicts in internet, mass demonstration, etc. Don’t take this term literally) that has been going for a few months by now.

To China: Why are you people fussing about PM of Japan (Mr Junichiro Koizumi)’s visit to Yasukuni Shrine? Isn’t it a personal thing for him (Mr Koizumi) to visit the shrine to respect the war victims of Japan? And it is a normal thing indeed, as he is a citizen who wants to pay tribute to those who have lost lives for their own country. By being anti-Japan or exasperating the Japanese embassy with those demonstrations and burning Japanese flag(s), I should remind you that you are being very ungrateful for that Japan has been ungrateful for that Japan has been aiding yen to China for years so that your country can develop well.

To Japan: I think there is no such thing called anti-China movement or China-sentimentalists in Japan, but I know that there is a quite small percentage of Japanese who don’t like to meet any Chinese scholars or Chinese people in your country, right? I have no proof for this, therefore I have no further argumentation. But believe it, that I jave read this from Japan’s point of view in a Japanese newspaper about a month ago (article may refer to Mainichi Shinbun). Well, back to the main point, I have to point out the point that your small percentage of disliking China is being known by them. Why? Perhaps I should remind you that your ancestors and heritage basically comes from China? For Mr Koizumi, I think you should visit the Yasukuni shrine discreetly. Isn’t there any way to evade the press so that it (the visit) would not be known publicly (in this case: be known by China and South Korea).

To China and Japan altogether: The history textbook problem, I believe, will soon be solved as the scholars from both countries (including South Korea too) are negotiating to remake it. China should be thankful to Japan as Japan is helping – not intervening – you about the Taiwan problem. And for Japan, you should not help too much so that China will not say that you are intervening China’s own business. About the disputed isles, Japan should be able to negotiate well of what to do with the disputed isles of Okinotori (disputing with China) or isles of Take (which South Koreans call Dokdo). But one thing I want to tell Japan is that I was quite astonished when one of Tokyo’s government officials – who is not to be named here – refers China as “Shina” (a derogatory term used by Japan during Japanese occupation of China in the 1930s and 1940s) in one of the TV Tokyo’s aired footage not long ago. Wouldn’t such term outrage China?

Well, I would like to apologize if any of what I have written above is found not to be completely true or agreeable, and this message is only aimed to be a little consideration for both China and Japan. I have fully realized that I do not mean to insult any countries and its people.

I would be very delighted if any part of my message is to be taken into full consideration.

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