I’ve got strange dreams lately. Not that dream which you usually get when you’re fantasizing while you’re awake, but the kind of dream you get when you’re asleep. Firstly was two nights before... It is more precise if I call it a nightmare, actually. I was standing in the middle of a rainy day in Jakarta, under the halte or bus stop. I didn’t know which part of Jakarta was it, as the halte didn’t show any name of area. I didn’t know the way home from there, and I didn’t bring money either. I started to run through the rain when suddenly I woke up from my dream. Or, I thought I’ve awaken. Beside my bed, I saw a hooded creature with a sickle on its hand, swinging it towards me, the creature is the one you call “Dementor” in Harry Potter or “Doom” in some RPG… I screamed (and said,” Jesus, help me!!” in my heart), and opened my eyes awake. . Thank goodness, it was only a dream! That reminded me that I haven’t prayed for days, and then I just prayed for a while

After that I can’t sleep for the next four hours. I tried to take a stroll around into the grandstand, gazing at the stars, and wondering how to look for the Gemini. You see, until now I wonder how people can differentiate star constellations like Aries, Pisces, etc from the others because they all look the same. All stars look the same to me!

Well, there wasn’t a full moon either. The full moon is always in the middle of the month. Just like said in some movies, when we are looking at the moon, someone out there who is missing us will be looking at it too, and we know that somehow our hearts are connected.. But I laughed at myself, and know that it’s impossible for anyone out there (in Indonesia) to be gazing at the moon, bcoz they must be asleep by now” (it was 1 o’clock ante meridian..). But then I felt better and was able to sleep.

On the next day, which is last night, I had a beautiful dream, or a strange one I might call it, and I dreamed that I was getting married. Yes, it was the days before my wedding day, with a girl who was just my type – I can’t remember her face, and this normally happen after you dreamed: You forgot the face of someone you met there. She’s not one of my friends or any girl I’ve known, bcoz if she is, I must’ve recognized her. But the one thing I remembered was not that we were preparing all things for the wedding day, but the discussion I had with her. She told me that I have to let her chaste (virgin) until we are married. I answered that I will certainly be able to withstand myself from doing that –you know what!- as I’ve once read in the bible that….. (Well, I’ll get into that topic now) by God, human is not allowed to have sex unless the woman and the man are married to each other. Therefore, I agreed to what my wife-to-be asked me for… After that, we discussed about more private things –I can’t jot them down here- and after we finished the discussion, I woke up from my dream, and realized that it was only a dream!!

What are the meanings of my dreams? Was it a message given by God, or just my imagination? I hope someone can interpret each of them for me..

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