My holiday activities

My holidays that has gone for about two weeks by now, have been quite enjoyable for myself although it may seem boring for most ppl. Probably because of my introverted character. My days started like this: waking up at 10, straight away go to the library – don’t even bother to have a wash, very slovenly I am – and spend my time there browsing: download & read mangas, read J-newspapers, copy some Sudokus etc until the library is closed at 5.

Then I spend most of the time in my room: consume the pile of novels which I haven’t read (there’re about 40 of them), practising Kana (I had mastered Kana months ago, but I had quite forgotten most of them and thank goodness now I’ve mastered it again), learning Kanji (currently I’ve only mastered 20), improve my English vocabulary, and after getting fed up, attempt to solve any Sudokus (in fact, until now I’ve only solved 2 since I started 5 days ago, such a lousy noob I am!)

When I get bored of being imprisoned in my room doing such activities, I always go to Kinokuniya in Orchard and browsing any books I find interesting: fantasies and literatures. Since I’ve been able to read some of the basic Kanji, I started to browse books, comics, and mags in the Japanese section, and to found out that I’m nothing, I’m still Kanji-blind as I’ve only studied 20 of 1985 totally existing Kanji!! ^__^

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