Hey... hey.. the Blog I posted before... Damn disgusting, lor. Agree? That photo was manipulated actually, bcoz the real me haven't ever slept "nicely" like that... Much more disgusting. Ugh. Beter for me not to describe it anyway.

Lately, I've been looking at some of my poem collections (made by myself, of course), and in my opinion, they're not really as romantic as I've thought before. Well, I have to tell you the fact that all of my poems were made about one and a half year ago when I..... broke up with my girlfriend (hope she'll never read this blog), and me myself made some of them to express my feelings in a better way. My poems were shown to my friends and all of them opined that I was so romantic, very sophisticated, talented in language, and bla...bla..bla... things like that. It gave me confidence anyway, bcoz by that time I've only wrote about less than 10 poems, and their appraisal made me able to write more. Anyway, when my ex-girlfriend and me became friends again, I showed the poems to her and she only smiled while she was reading them.

That was 1½years ago.

Do you know what do I think of my poems right now? Instead of thinking how romantic I was, I think the poems are too.... Hmm.. How to say it, huh?.. Melancholic. I can't even believe that it was me myself who wrote them all. Different feelings that I have now and before, maybe is the reason why I think like that. Anyway, enough for today.

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