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2010 was the year I started wondering why I never had many close friends.

I went to Sis S' apartment and consulted her.

"Bcoz you always move.... It's hard to keep up with friends when you move coz you don't do the same stuff anymore. That's why you shouldn't move [to North Carolina] anymore should just stay here!" she said.

Well yes, of course.

For almost my entire life, I have never stayed for more than two years in the same city or school. It was not that we are no longer good friends; it was just hard to be as close when you do not have much in common with them anymore.

Let me take Eddy as an example. He was an old friend from my primary school in South Jakarta, Indonesia. At that time, neither of us could think that we would actually find ourselves further apart.

We had the same taste in music (Sheila on 7), books (Enid Blyton's and Detective Conan), games (Chocobo, Tekken), but thank goodness not girls. He always had a crush on the smart girls while I preferred the pretty ones.

Then I moved to Bali.

We still make long-distance calls to each other once every two months or so (those were the days before Facebook or Friendster), but it was getting obvious that we no longer had much to talk about anymore. While in Jakarta we used to hang around to each other's houses and talk about crap from dawn to dusk, our Jakarta-Bali phonecalls were only limited to 10 minutes at maximum.

And when I was in Singapore, every contact stopped. I told him I was leaving the country, but that was basically it.

Until the day I found him on Friendster again. By that time, we were almost like complete strangers who know each other's childhood secrets. We had absolutely nothing in common.

Sucks, but Eddy was not my only example. I am sure I can write a more lengthy recount of what it was like to leave my friends in Bali when I left Bali forever.

So I learn from my experience.

I had to admit that leaving Indonesia in 2009 was one of the heaviest decisions I had ever made in my life. It was bold, rash, and heavy. I had become very much attached to my Indonesian kins, friends, culture and lifestyle that it was hard for me to leave them there.

Then I realised that it was probably the last time I could ever enjoy some of their company. Because even if I do return to Indonesia, things would never be the same anymore.

Which was the reason why I became overindulgent during my very last weeks there...the stuff of which sometimes made me chuckle. that I have the choice to leave Kentucky, I have chosen not to. The people are some of the warmest and friendliest people I have ever met in the planet. And the girls...where else can you find prettier girls than Kentuckians (details of which I would save for another post)?

Kentucky is still kinda cold though...hence to purchase a condominium or a house, I would still opt for the East coast states such as North Carolina or Virginia.

But as for today, I'm loving Kentucky!

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