This has been a bizzare winter. Mid-February was as warm as early summer (hovering around 26-30 Celcius) before plunging back into around 7 Celcius by the end of last month.

It was quite a climate. If it goes on like this for the next three years, I may really relocate south after I graduate from college (either to Savannah, Georgia or Southern California).

I still could change my mind later, so don't hold me up for it.

In a more personal note, I'm engrossed with Presidential biographies these days. If year 2010 was the year of "European history during World War 2", when I was obsessed with all the paraphernalia that came with living in that particular period of time, perhaps 2011 will be my year of "Presidential biography".

I had read a biography of the incumbent Secretary of State Hillary Clinton a couple of months back.

As of today, I am reading the book Decision Points, a memoir penned by the former president George W. Bush. Don't get me wrong here, I have never been a fan of conservative politics myself.

I like reading Republican literature because they are what I call "literature of comfort", the kind of political reading that gives you an insight into how Americans view and desire stability... Republican figures give an insight into what we Americans see as it epitomizes security and strength.

Which is why it could well complement Democrat literature, the one I dub as "fun literature". It is the kind of political reading that shows you the 'upbeat side' of American politics, as it mostly embodies what people hope for their economic future.

A lot of people may not be a fan of Bush's policies, but hey, don't judge him and his policies to be the one and the same. I am almost halfway thru his memoir, and he is by far quite eloquent in describing how he had made mistakes and how he did what he thought was necessary, even if it had to tarnish his political image.

I'm thinking of reading Reagan and Carter's biographies next.

On my way to Indianapolis.

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