"The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo" phenomenon

This title by the late Stieg Larsson contains the word "girl" (understandably put most men on high alert that this is another chick romance junk).

But fret not dudes, it's not another chick lit. It is purely a crime/mystery novel.

While its main protagonist is indeed a female, it has none of the teenage-girl insecurity issues embodied in Stephanie Meyer's Edward-Bella love saga.

As a matter of fact, the original Swedish title "Män som hatar kvinnor" means "Man who hates women", which would definitely make most feminists cry foul over its misogynistic-sounding title.

But thank heavens it isn't. The original Swedish title has 'Spoiler' written all over it.

In libraries across Northern Kentucky, hundreds of people are putting the books of the mystery Millenium saga (of which The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo is the first) on hold.

As a comparison, there was hardly more than five persons putting Dan Brown's or John Grisham's books on hold when they first came in the libraries.

I have watched the movie in its original Swedish, and I would give it 8 stars out of 10.

Now that I have got a grasp on the book myself, I can finally devour it for the remaining days left of my summer...

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