Things Americans like: American football and Pickles. Why exactly?

One of the very few things that Americans generally like (and most other UN member countries don't) are the so-called "American football" and pickles.

And on the personal side, those are the two materials in life that I don't think I would ever grow fond of anytime soon.

I have never understood why is American football called "Football". Why?

For one thing, it is crystal clear that American football is brought by the English in its original form Rugby, which was later on corrupted by those rebelling from a British way of life as to distinguish themselves on how different they play their own version of the game.

And, instead of calling it "American handball" or "American rugby", the forefathers of USA sports simply called it "football".

They don't even play it with their foot, so it is quite obvious what a misnomer it must have been.

As for brine-preserved veggie...yes, I still remove my pickles from my burgers or hot dogs.

I don't know about you readers, but my idea of a tasty food does not include having to gnaw on an super sour vegetable when you are taking a bite on your meal.

I think if the rest of the world over (read: non-Americans) make their own version of what a bizzare food reality TV show looks like, they would definitely include American pickles on the list, don't you agree?

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