on Internet privacy

It is a much-missed wonder of how just 10 years ago, life used to have much more privacy. We basically check our e-mail, open some websites of interest, and that's it. No social networking sites, no instant messenger, no Wikipedia.

Because now with practically (almost) everybody whom we know either have a Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, or LinkedIn account (or all of them), privacy on the internet is a nonexistent thing.

On this regard, I specifically refer to Facebook. No matter how much seclusion you impose on your privacy settings, there is always a loophole that sooner or later can fall into malefic hands.

You may think that your recent picture of you and your girlfriend being intimate by the shores of Malibu as totally harmless. Well, wait until one day you apply for a job at Microsoft or run as a mayor (who knows?). Potential employers do trawl the virtual world for such tripes, and the matter of how much information you disclose in the internet may well be regarded as a threat, since it also means that you may also disclose company's confidential informations.

But oh well, internet privacy is dead, isn't it?

Even my blog is still alive.

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