A new bet

Oops...wrong flag!

Glorie voor Nederland!

I have made a new bet in favour of Netherlands.

If Netherlands win this Sunday's final match, my sister Melody can come with me to watch team France or team Japan's matches on World Cup Brazil 2014 (that is, provided that the next Cup's events don't interfere with my college schedule).

If Netherlands lose, then I'm not taking her with me.

The Oberhausen octopus seems to be alive and well. Let's just hope that his prediction is inaccurate this time.

This is a female Dutch octopus, don't mistake it for the Oberhausen oracle!

'post~script. I only make bets that involve my sister since it involves my own money, and a large sum at that. My own money stays in my own family. I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a friend...that would be too much, ain't it?

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