My TV has no channel reception (since I only purchased the TV to play the Wii). I could only watch football at my friends' place or at the bar.

And since Japan lost its quarter-final match to Paraguay, I kinda lost my appetite to watch any more football.

Also, I literally lost my eating appetite for two days. It was a real drag.

I ignored any news about who advanced to the semifinals.

Until yesterday. Germany vs Spain.

As I had written previously, Germany is my 3rd most favourite football team (after Japan and France).

Hence out of curiosity, I went to Les français' home to watch the game on their ESPN.

A disappointing game by the Germans, I say. It was the only German match I had the chance to watch, and it was obvious how demoralised the Germans were in their defence...the ball possession and goal shots have been dominated mostly by the Spaniards!

It would have been much better if the final was Germany against Netherlands. Because I would definitely root for Germany.

But it's Spain vs Netherlands, unfortunately.

Curse the octopus.

Now I know this is an ad hominem attack, but I really do not wish to see Spain crowned as the victor of World Cup 2010.

No particular reason, other than I've always had a certain penchant against Spain, Italy, and all South American football teams.

May the glory belong to the Netherlands.

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