Amuses and Muses (1)

by Catherine Lim

… Amuses

A psychiatrist conducting a test
Drew a picture of a sun;
His patient studied it and said,
'Wow! A couple having fun!'

The psychiatrist then drew a table
And beside it added a chair;
The patient said, 'By golly, look,
They're doing it in mid-air!'

A stick, a circle, a tree, a cat
An apple, a steeple, a door;
The patient saw only sexy stuff
And kept asking for more.

Said the psychiatrist very sternly,
'You are preocuppied with sex;
Your mind's in an unhealthy state,
It's like you are under a hex.'

'Who, me?' protested the patient,
'Hey, Doctor, cease your lectures;
Just tell me who's been drawing
All those lovely dirty pictures?'

… Muses

Money the root of all evil?
The guy who said that was clueless;
For money is the sixth sense,
Without which the five are useless!

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