Indonesian election and Jacko's funeral

In Indonesia these two headlines above make two news of equal parallel.

First thing first: the election.

Well done Indonesians, well done.

It is just such a disappointment that the Lapindo mud affairs would never get finished with this president. He befriends corrupt people such as one of his ministers (hint: starts with 'B') who eats up the country's coffers yet gives little.

Where's the promise that Lapindo mud victims would get those 80% compensations? Those folks are all shit and little else.

Suramadu bridge project was JK's idea, while KPK was founded during Mega's. SBY acquired much more foreign debts than during Mega's term.

What a choice for a president.

Now on the late legend, there's one thing I'd like to comment. In Indonesia it made quite a news that Michael Jackson was going to have an Islamic funeral.



Perhaps those Indonesians who reported such news should have their faith double-checked...are they really Muslims?

Because one thing I know for sure is that Islamic funeral is a ceremonial conducted within 24 hours after one's death.

Anyway... It may have been a bit late, yes, but may his soul rest in peace... He had had an unhappy life despite bringing the world a new sense of peace with his songs.

A legendary musician indeed.

Gilang B  – (11 July 2009 at 20:50)  

from what i've heard he's not a muslim at all.. so there won't be a muslim funeral for him...

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