When I forgot to switch off my handphone during a flight

That time (July 2004) I was moving back from Denpasar to the city where I had been raised for nigh a decade. It was a Jakarta-bound flight, on a Garuda.

Where is my handphone, I asked myself.

Then it came to me...Gosh it was inside the trunk!

There I was in a flight, feeling hopeless and mortified because my handphone was still on, and there was nothing I could do about it because it was inside a trunk in the plane luggage.

Was it going to be the end of our life yet? Was this plane going to crash? If yes, then I were to be held responsible for all our deaths!

I considered informing the flight attendants for a while, but decided not to because it could have created a considerable amount of panic for other passengers.

It may seem ridiculous when I recall all my fears back then, but it did have a possible consequence. The plane's communication could very well get narked if an SMS or a phone call happen to reach my phone's signal, and this could create a chain of effects that could attribute to....well, what else?

A plane crash.

But luckily it didn't. The plane landed safe and sound.

There was no SMS when I finally checked my handphone, and I thanked God for that.

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