An unctuous update for May

First of all we start with a bad news here.

My phone is (temporarily) dead, and I hope it could be resuscitated ever again because otherwise I'll be having no GSM with me for the next few days/weeks/months to come.

Gee I'm pissed, I'd rather not elaborate on my phone now, so that's it then.

For those of you who wish to reach me, feel free to dial my Jakartan CDMA number.

Now for the entrée.

So the truth is out, I've pretty much gotten most wishes I've wanted...for the next two months, at least.

For those wondering, the time is nigh that I'll be leaving the place soon. Though a newer update for the exact whereabouts and such would have to wait later.

As for now, I'm still studying French till the end of this month. By the time I end this class, I'm seeing myself poring over some abridged French novels and preparing my mental being so that I'll be ready to depart from the country (hint intended). By mid-June I'll be having DELF, which is used to certify a certain mastery in French. I reckon I'll take A2 level, though my teacher has suggested that I'm capable for B1.

Well...we'll see.

On the blog layout change, how do you like it? I had thought this was one of the best layouts I've ever implemented for this blog until a friend commented on the contrary. So I did change the header and the background colour....

But all in all, the linkbar remains there. I love the top linkbar!

Meanwhile, I love Dashboard Confessional and Paramore and seems that I'm gonna love them even more. Their tunes could always lighten up my day.

As long as I don't listen to Guns n' Roses in the morning, I always know that my day would turn out just fine. Listening to them early in the day is akin to getting on the wrong side of the bed.

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