Whom should I give up my seat to?

Whenever I'm in the train or bus -be it in Singapore's MRT or Jakarta's Transjakarta bus- I have a code of preference in deciding whom I think deserve give up my seat for.

I don't know if this character is also found in any other guys, but feel free to criticise me if you feel that it is an ungentlemanly act, because I know that it is not a good example to follow... Haha.

Consider this scene below:

All the seats are taken and there are several people who have no choice but to stand in the bus/train.

Do I willingly give my seat to anyone, considering that I'm still below 20 and hence my body is fitter than theirs?

It depends.

I do a profiling on the person. If the person standing nearby is...

an old lady/an old man: I always give up my seat as she/he is frail enough that I think she/he needs the seat much more than I do.

a boy/man: No matter how tired he looks to me (even if it looks as if he has done a hard work the whole day), I will never ever give my seat for a man. I would pretend not to notice him instead.

an unattractive girl/lady: Too bad she's unattractive. Otherwise, I would have given up the seat for her. LOLZ.

an attractive girl/lady: Ah, this is a good choice to give up my seat for! Sometimes when a certain Transjakarta/Metro Mini bus/Singapore MRT is packed and there are several girls whom I see standing, I would do a quick profiling to decide which girl deserves my seat most. The best kind of girls to give my seat for is of course; a school/college girl. I rarely find any office ladies attractive, hence my preference. Hahaha.

As a note, the above profiling has nothing to do with my intention of picking up strangers (because I rarely do), but it simply gives me a tinge of satisfaction when I could appear "gentleman" in front of girls I deem attractive.

Does this habit of mine sound ungentlemanly to most of you?

Don't worry, I agree with you folks.

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