Every cloud has a silver lining

"Every cloud has a silver lining" means that the sun shining at the edges of every cloud reminds us that every difficult situation has a bright side.

It is an idiom which means that one should never feel hopeless because difficult times always lead to better days.

Difficult times are like dark clouds that pass overhead and block the sun. When we look more closely at the edges of every cloud we can see the sun shining there like a silver lining.

Oh really?

I still have my doubts on that one. Nothing in my past year has ever been so productive than teaching private English lessons to a couple of secondary school students or blogging daily.

I guess I should try to cling on that idiom for a guide... Perhaps there really is a good thing out of my homely boredom these days.


As a digress, let me comment on a couple of current issues...


Obama's approval ratings worldwide

Obama wins a huge percentage of support (against McCain) in all countries outside of USA as surveyed by GlobeScan, ranging from 87%-5% in his father's home country of Kenya to 18%-7% in America's former Cold War foe of Russia.

In Indonesia, he won 46%-11% margin, which is surprisingly lower than the 51%-8% support he received in Brazil.

Indonesian population of 273m

Indonesia is estimated to have a population of 273 million people by 2025, a figure that looks frightening enough if we have a look at the country's condition where the masses are still fighting each other on racial/religious basis, bickering over legislature seats, and promote morality shrouded in the hypocrisy of fanaticism.

Oh, give us a break.

The current population of Indonesia stands at around 230 million (and half of them are poor), which means that if we assume that the poverty continues to increase at the same rate with the population, there will be an additional 20 million poor Indonesians during the period of 2008-2025.

20 million additional poor people in a period of 17 years!

We really need a break.

Cindy McCain's sense of fashion

Rather than discussing the downsides of McCain's family, I would very much prefer discussing Obama's good virtues (I don't like to attack McCain. He is good, though Obama is better).

But somehow I just couldn't help not to comment on this issue.

It is a stark comparison that the dress that John McCain's wife wore to RNC was 2000 times more expensive than Barack Obama's wife's.

Her dress to the RNC costs US$300,000???

That is the 6 years of salary of an average American, for heaven's sake!

Seriously, we all know that she's freaking rich, being a chairperson of one of the largest beer distributors in USA, but there really is no need to flaunt such a luxury over a dress.

Especially in times when those credit crunches are haunting most middle-class Americans (and in the end, the rest of the world's citizens too).

What is wrong with purchasing a $3,000 dress instead, really?

In case she does not know, $3,000 is the average one year of salary in most developing countries, hence she should feel extravagant about purchasing a much cheaper dress.

Michelle Obama doesn't mind wearing a $200 dress to DNC, so why doesn't Cindy take a follow?

Palin's popularity

Palin's popularity is indeed a threat to Obama's future presidency.

I previously had no doubts that Obama would win this election, but given that Palin has electrified millions with her RNC speech, I assume that we all know that she is indeed, a tough woman.

Some have even likened her to Hillary Clinton.

But nah, she hunts those Alaskan bears! This means that she has little concern for wildlife animals, even though she loves humans with her anti-abortion stance...

I just think that Hillary Clinton is 100 times better than Sarah Palin. And apparently, Tree and Tasa agree too!

We are running on the same wavelengths guys, which is indeed a good thing, gee-hee.

Finally Woken  – (12 September 2008 at 05:53)  

I clicked on the link that brought me to Vanity Fair webpage, and after reading it thoroughly, I found that McCain's wife (is he Scot descendant?)'s dress is not 300 thousands dollars. The total outfit cost around that but that's because the jewelry she wore :)

toshi  – (13 September 2008 at 13:24)  

@anita: yes he is a scot descendant. a kin of your husband then, hehehe.

so it's the jewellery she wore? hmm but it's still a bit too expensive for a jewellery ain't it? why doesn't she show some concern with her husband's political campaign, perhaps by donating a percentage of that US$300,000 to the homeless ppl in downtown LA/New York?

That could do some good to McCain's profile, couldn't it? :)

I know rich ppl tend to splurge, but pleeaseee, she is a First Lady-to-be, we don't want to have a First Lady who spends her money like Paris Hilton!


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