Persian is not Arab

A lot of people have their own misconceptions when they see my face for the first time and they guess my ethnicity: "Are you an Arab?"

Well as a matter of fact, I am not.

I am one-eighth Persian, which is an ethnicity originated from Iran (and Eastern Iraq). On the other hand, Arab ethnicity originates from the rest of Middle East.

Now some may argue like this:

"But Persian people basically originates from the same DNA group with Arabians, right?"

Thank God I am not 100% Persian. Otherwise, I would have released my fury at you!

Well, try saying that to a real Persian and see what kind of response you will get!

Here I tell you people:

Calling a Persian as an "Arab" is similar to calling a Javanese as a "Malay".

Or perhaps calling a French as a "British".

And try calling a Japanese as a "Korean"!

Japanese-Korean or French-British may have a strikingly similar characteristics in their appearances and skin colours, but let us be honest here: You don't like to be mistaken as the other ethnicity, do you?

(I am not being racist here but it is a dire truth that can be observed easily in our everyday lives)


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