Fukuda's resignation, McCain's bane, and Indonesian debt

I had known it all along that PM Yasuo Fukuda will resign soon (indeed he had a very unpopular support in the Diet's upper house) but definitely not this soon!

It was an honourable move expected of a political heir (who is son of former PM Takeo Fukuda) notwithstanding.

Now regarding the next PM of Japan, I am putting my bets on Taro Aso. Today I reiterate my statement that I have supported Taro Aso long before I supported Barack Obama (refer to my September 2007 post if you don't believe me). Aso has had a long career in the Foreign Affairs Ministry; and I think it would do Japan some good to have a former Foreign Minister reign as a PM - indeed they still need some more foreign experts at the top position to mend relations with former Japanese colonies of China and South Korea.

The comeback of Junichiro Koizumi has also been widely held as possible, though I don't think of it as very likely. Despite his Yasukuni visits, I do think that Japan needs some Obama-ish figure in the leadership - one who can inspire youngsters like me in the public spot.

On American politics, President George Bush has cancelled his planned attendance at the Republican Party National Convention due to Hurricane Gustav. Indeed it either means that Bush and McCain are not meant to go together, or perhaps this is a sign that McCain's presidential nomination has not gotten God's blessings!!

I would very much love to think that the latter possibility is more likely, because a change promised by a Democrat like Obama is just what we need right now... Eight (failed years by Bush) is enough!

Now on Indonesia, do you know that as of July 2008, Indonesia's foreign debt has amounted to 1,462 trillion Rupiahs? If we divide the debt's responsibility evenly amongst all Indonesian citizens, then it would mean that every single toddler born in Indonesian territory has already gotten a debt of Rp 6,500 (US 70 cents). Perhaps it would do some good if you -as an Indonesian citizen- start paying your debt by disciplining yourselves when it comes to the taxes due dates.

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