A Short Analysis of Japan’s PMs: Now and Then

Just watched in the BBC two days ago that Yasuo Fukuda, a 71 year old geezer, was elected as the new president of LDP and thus being successor of Shinzo Abe’s seat.

What should I say of this? Hmm… A salaryman-looking chap going to reside in Kantei (the Japanese version of the Britons’ Downing Street)?

I think a lot of Japanese PMs have many aspects on them that makes them always seem incompetent to the Japanese public. Shinzo Abe is too young, Koizumi visited Yasukuni, Kiichi Miyazawa puked on George Bush Sr., and several other PMs before them were either prisoners, became a prisoner, or tainted with corruption scandals. That’s why the PM changes so often, as there were 7 Japanese PMs during the Clinton administration alone!

There is even the news in Mainichi Waiwai that Shinzo Abe’s election nightmare was largely due to the fact that he cares more for his dachshund pooch than the nation! I’m not sure if that’s some kind of joke, but still, for a nation that advanced to be highly disappointed in him, there must’ve been something in him that made ppl dislike his aura.

For me personally, it’s the lost of a charismatic PM.

How could the Diet replace Junichiro Koizumi, who looks like Richard Gere, with Shinzo Abe who looks like Nicolas Cage?

Nicolas Cage-ish PM now replaced by a salaryman-ish PM Yasuo Fukuda? I had actually expected to have Taro Aso to take the job instead.

Can’t wait for a new scandal from the newest Japan PM…. ^^

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