Why 21 is such an auspicious age...

Qiongye had been inviting me to his home country of China this December for a travel round his kingdom, which I had to politely decline.

Well on this semester's holidays he will be visiting Terence's place in Penang, Malaysia and there is a possibility that they will have a shot together to China.

How fun.

Geez, I'm stuck on being penniless and stranded amidst uncertainty here... I don't know how I could go to college, neither do I know how I could pursue my life of globe-trotting with the expense of my own savings.

I will need at least US$5000 for a gap year travel.

What a jest.

So in the end, with all those hypes in AXN's Amazing Race reality show, I asked him out of the blue, "Dude... Wanna join Amazing Race with me three years from now?"

"Well, OK" he replied, "But why three years?"

"The age limit, lah. Hahaha I could've joined this year's application if I were 21."

"Yeah, why not?"

So it is Amazing Race that I am looking forward to down the road in the next three years.

Twenty-one, twenty-one... Couldn't wait till that age, Lolz. I've promised myself to be a boozer by then

I'm freaking tired of being a good guy, such a poor personality gets me nowhere in life... No dates, no success, few friends...


I just could not wait till I have this freedom from my parents, hahaha.

*evil grin*

Anonymous –   – (11 September 2008 at 09:41)  

I myself am intrigued to go visit China. Hubby went there 2 years ago to visit both big cities and villages. He is actually a person who is not racist at all, very well travelled, and open minded. But boy, did he have such a bad experience from it. Traumatized, almost.

Anyway, good luck with the 21 and all. Hope you'd make it to Amazing Race.

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