Raimentless star

A friend of mine, James (not his real name, but his blog can be found in my pals n' acquaintances list in case you're wondering) once asked me while browsing the internet with his Samsung laptop from our school library..

"Toshi, do you happen to have any pics of Aoi Sora wearing clothes?"

I got perplexed for a second, "Aoi Sora? You mean.... Blue Skies?"

(note: Aoi Sora is the Japanese phrase for Blue Skies)

"Don't tell me.. you don't know Aoi Sora?"

I was still thinking, "Hmm... I think I've heard that name somewhere before.."

"She's a [censored] star, for God sakes!"

"Oh yeah! Now I remember!"

James threw me a disbelief look "Duh.. Please deh"

"Hmm so what's with her, you asked? Why are you looking for her pics wearing clothes?"

"Well you see.. The problem is, I've googled for her name and searched online for her pictures in garments to no avail..."

"You mean, you could only find her pics with nothing on?"



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