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It is a well-known fact that I've spent most of my life here in Indonesia.

But ironically, the first flight that I took alone (meaning: totally NOT accompanied by parents or friends or anybody else I know) wasn't from Indonesia to elsewhere, but the other way round: from Singapore to Indonesia.

I was 15 when I took that first flight (alone) and it was a peculiar experience indeed. I purchased a one-way economy for SG$220 (the cheapest available seat to Jakarta) for a Cathay Pacific ticket. Gee, I really loved that plane...

Cathay, oh Cathay!

I've taken Singapore Airlines during my school's study tour to Vietnam and Cathay eight months later. Frankly, I prefer the latter. Nothing in particular really, except for the fact that the Cathay seats were much more spacious and comfy and everything else that made me loved it.

During my subsequent three visits back to Jakarta, I tried to book a Cathay to no avail, because their tickets were just too pricey. I was then obliged to have ValuAir once and Garuda Indonesia twice.

(Regarding ValuAir, I hardly recommend anyone to try it, because it doesn't have much difference with Indonesian budget airlines in terms of safety, despite the fact that it's Singaporean)

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