on drug-abusers

Remember Linda?

Last week both of us were enjoying our drink in a restaurant when the TV showed a high-profile drug case of a teenage Indonesian actress (we shall name that actress by her initial SMJ).

"Hey T, take a look at that", while pointing on the TV news, "Haha SMJ.. I've known her to be a drug abuser since three years ago"

"Three years ago? Hmm.. when was it?"

"When I was in second grade of high school"

"But how do you know about that?" I asked Linda.

"Yea, I sort of went together to her hotel room that time [in 2005] together with her folks where they enjoyed the night doing the drug orgies and all that.." she explained.

"But you didn't take drugs yourself, did you?" I questioned sternly.

"Haha nggak lah, of course I didn't. I was 'asked' by them to be their photographer, since I was the one who wasn't drugged.. Drugs is one thing that I would always avoid in my entire life, and you can keep my word on that, T!" she assured me.

I must admit that SMJ is freaking hot (I got glued to the computer screen for quite a while when I first encountered her photomodelling pictures in Kaskus), but with all those what-nots in her orgy-loving personality, I don't think she's that hot anymore.

Thank goodness Linda still has a strong grip to her Christian values. Otherwise, I would've stayed away from her, LOLZ.

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