Love is...

...a feeling I've learned to ignore.

A close friend of mine, let's call her Linda, recently confided in me that she's willing to stoop low down in front of the guy she likes and beg for him to accept her heart. Linda is willing to do everything to obtain his heart, no matter what kind of cost she has to bear.

Well in the past I used to be similar to Linda too; you know, such as stooping down very lowly in front of the girl I liked.

But over the years I've learned a couple of things, and here is one of them:

Girls tend not to like guys who belong to the "Doggy" type.

This is the most basic rule of all.

"Doggy-type" is the type of guy who is always ready to be ordered around like a dog. And now that I think of it, I could see in my friends' cases that the more "doggy-ish" a guy is in front of the girl he likes, the more unlikely that he could win her love.

No wonder.

No wonder I wasn't able to win Isabella's heart ("Isabella" is a pseudonym too).

Isabella has chosen another guy over me despite all the obvious facts that:

1. His abilities in any academics or knowledge disciplines (except sport) is half as competent as mine
2. He has never spent anything on her
3. Isabella hasn't known him for that long

But perhaps there is one quality that she sees in him (but not in me):

He has never been a "doggy" to her.

This was one HUGE MISTAKE I've overlooked despite the fact that I've known about it in the first place.

So in the end; I've finally come to realise that the one to blame should be ME, not her.

Because I'm a guy, I've made a commitment to myself that I would never ever follow Linda's example; that is, to lower my pride in front of the girl I like, no matter how much hurt I feel deep down inside.

Only a few close guys of mine (and you my blog readers) have been quite privileged to be my confidant(e)s regarding the arduous love hardship of mine, and you should give yourself a self-congratulatory back-pat for that.

Thank you people, I really appreciate your readership! (^_^)

Btw I'm really willing to move on now, and I sincerely hope that this will be my last blog entry ever written regarding Isabella.

I've promised myself that the next love poem I write would be about another girl and no longer about Isabella. Since there isn't anybody else yet in my heart, I don't think I'll be writing any more poems for the next several weeks (or months)...

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